VISLA is the result of a restless mind with an urge to create.

VISLA was created when Daniel was spending way too many hours commuting to work by bus back in 2016.


Coming from a background within engineering and entrepreneurship he worked for several years within architecture, before jumping on a plane to Amsterdam in order to develop as a graphic designer.

​As long as you do something, it will end up somewhere.


What gets me going is attacking blank paper.


Creating something out of nothing.


The urge of always developing and trying out new ideas is the very reason to the VISLA even exists.


I try not to be your ordinary designer. Everything I put down on paper comes from myself and the environment surrounding me.


I have no formal training, and would most probably not even qualify for it.


Identity & Branding

Illustration & Print

Art Direction & Exhibition

Digital & Web

Selected Clients

& Friends

- Adam Cohen

- Sony Music Canada

- Benzak Denim Developers

- Soccerbible

- Hoxton Hotel

- Injustice Customs x BMW

- Denim Dudes

- Queen City Futsal

- Sköld Forsberg


- Raw Materials

- Forza Football

- Stafsinge Tonic

- Oxford Pennant

- Sweda Custom Rings