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The project process starts with a simple email, phone call or DM. Could even just be a quick chat bumping into each other on the street.


This phase is all about establishing that first connection and get a feel of the project and people involved.


No matter scale or type of project I will always need some kind of a brief from the client. It could be complete presentation consisting of background, framework and guidelines or, in some cases, just some inspirational images. At this stage we also agree on specifics regarding deliverables, timeline and budget.


This will help keep the project on the right track during next phase; Design Phase. 

design phase

This his where the creative juice really starts to flow. The challenge is to interpret and translate the brief into functioning concepts and graphics that seamlessly will fit the need of the client. This is where VISLA thrives, designing and creating unique elements for your project.


& Revision

VISLA will deliver a proposal, often consisting of a graphics or other design elements all combined into a conceptual presentation. Every proposal is tailor made and designed uniquely for each client. After reviewing, the client provides VISLA with feedback after which the proposal will be revised if necessary. Number of ”revision-rounds” are decided in stage no2 ”Brief”.  


& delivery

When all parties are happy with the outcome, VISLA will prepare all assets and have them delivered in whatever shape or form necessary for your particular business. Mission complete!

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