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In 2020 legendary Swedish hockey club Frölunda asked the surrounding community and their fans to provide them with suggestions regarding their updated visual identity.


This is an initial suggestion designed by VISLA.

Frölunda Hockey Club is in need of an updated club brand and a strong visual identity.


The club has encouraged the imagination to flow. VISLA has designed a completely new tailor-made graphic proposal that takes into account Frölunda's previous club brands and history. A complete solution with players as well as supporters in mind, applicable to both digital and physical media.

Hockey is more than a game. It's history, it's culture. It's meetings and it's emotions. From the slap shots you practiced as a kid on your driveway to the crowded stands of Scandinavium a lot changes, but never the crest on your chest.

Frölunda plays a huge part within the "Gothenburg" culture. VISLA wants to respect and honor their tradition and history.

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Resurs 232.png

VISLA has created an updated graphic form which in the viewer's eyes should be perceived as "new" but with a familiar feeling and a clear connection to the past.


Great emphasis has been placed on taking into account the club's history and the elements that previous club marks have consisted of.


With Frölunda's situation regarding the change of club brand, an opportunity has presented itself; To take advantage of the club's tradition, its historical graphic expression and the nostalgic feeling it produces.


We see repeated and recurring examples of how clubs and associations today want to take advantage of tradition and value in their traditional design language and logos.

A color scheme has been developed with strong connections to Frölunda's history and its palette in retrospect. The colors have been chosen to look good both on the players on the ice and on the fans in everyday life.


The aim is that the updated palette will be perceived as recognizable and sustainable over time and not trend-sensitive.


The proposed font has been developed to complement the logo and work well in everything from marketing materials to the player names on the back of Frölunda's match shirts.


A "sporty" font family with serifs has been proposed as a homage to previous club crests.

FHC - Track Suit Jacket GREEN-min.png
FHC - Track Suit Jacket-min.png
Skärmavbild 2022-03-06 kl. 22.13.39.png


incorporating the arena silhouette


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