Sweden Basketball

Basketball is more than just a sport. It's culture. It's a lifestyle and a movement. Basketball is for everyone, no matter background or heritage. A game that exists in harmony with the popular culture, fashion, film and music like no other.


VISLA Graphic is proud to present the new brand and updated visual identity created for Sweden Basketball, a project commissioned by the Sweden Basketball Association that took place in 2020.


visual identity


Sweden Basketball Association 



Sweden Basketball - Cover.jpg

The visual expression of Sweden Basketball has been designed with regard to the national team association's core values ​​and the role basketball play in our community - a culture and a lifestyle. In their work, VISLA and the association have strived for a form that appeals to both basketball consumers and sponsors, but above all the younger target group which in the long run will constitute Svensk Basket's future.


A tailor-made and unique logo has been developed, supplemented with an updated color palette and fonts developed specifically for Svensk Basket's needs and future vision.

Sweden Basketball - Visual Identity.jpg

The focus has been on developing a dynamic and flexible graphic solution that can lift, support and follow Swedien Basketball into the future. The identity is designed to be adaptable and stylistically sustainable with a high degree of recognition. The process has also been characterized by the ambition to unlock the association's graphic language and allow a fun and exciting application across both physical and digital platforms.


From the players on the pitch to the fans in the stands and in front of the TV, everyone should be able to proudly wear the new logo and represent Sweden Basketball.

Sweden Basketball - Uniform 2.jpg

Sweden x Adidas

With the national basketball team's new collaboration with adidas, VISLA has also worked closely with the association regarding Sweden's new official kit.


The uniforms have been given a completely updated design linked to the new visual identity. New silhouette, new logo, new font.