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Sweden Basketball National Team Uniform



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Basketball is more than just a sport. It's culture. It's a lifestyle and a movement. Basketball is for everyone, no matter background or heritage. A game that exists in harmony with the popular culture, fashion, film and music like no other.


VISLA Graphic is proud to have being chosen to design the updated logo and brand identity for Sweden Basketball, a project commissioned by Sweden Basketball Association.

The visual expression of Sweden Basketball has been designed with regard to the national team association's core values ​​and the role basketball play in our community - a culture and a lifestyle.


VISLA and the association have strived for a form that appeals to both basketball consumers and sponsors, but above all the younger target group which in the long run will constitute the future of Sweden Basketball.

Focus has been on developing a dynamic and flexible graphic solution that can lift, support and follow Sweden Basketball into the future. The identity is designed to be adaptable and stylistically sustainable with a high degree of recognition. The process has also been characterized by the ambition to unlock the association's graphic language and allow a fun and exciting application across both physical and digital platforms.

Sweden Basketball Logo
Sweden Basketball Jersey

An updated color scheme has been developed inspired by basketball fans and the fashion culture surrounding the sport.


The colors have been chosen to look good both on and off the court and deliberately differ from other Swedish sports federations.


The aim is that the updated palette will be perceived as forward-looking and attractive, but at the same time sustainable over time and not trend-sensitive.

The proposed font has been picked to complement the logo and work within everything from marketing and advertising to the printed graphics on the national team uniform.


The font balances between modern and retro. A clear linear font family that touches on a digital impression. This is partly to honor the look of former Swedish uniforms, but also to "flirt" with the basketball world's strong connection to records and statistics.

Sweden Basketball Player Names.gif
Visla Graphic - Sweden Basketball - adid

With the national basketball team's collaboration with adidas,

VISLA has also worked closely with the association regarding Sweden's new official threads.


The uniforms have been given a completely updated design linked to the new visual identity.


New silhouette, new logo, new word mark.

Visla Graphic - Sweden Basketball - Unif
Visla Graphic - Sweden Basketball - Wome
Visla Graphic - Sweden Basketball - sket
Visla Graphic - Sweden Basketball - Woma
Jerebko - Sweden Basketball
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